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Alleviating Stress for Foster Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic (05/21/20) (CC) (0.5 hours)

Aggression and Disruptive Behavior: Best Practices (CC) (04/12/22) (1.0 hour)

Antecedent Based Interventions (ABI): Yes!! Please! (CC) (04/11/23) (0.5 hours)

Perspectives on Life & Autism (CC)(09/27/19) (0.5 hour)

Sensory Challenges in Feeding (CC) (09/27/19) (0.25 hour)

The ABCs of Behavior (CC) (09/27/19)(0.25 hour)

Basics of Behavior (CC) (02/28/19) (0.25 hours)

Child Centered Strategies for Supporting Families (CC)(06/05/21) (1.5 hours)

Eating Disorders: The Latest Information You Need to Know (CC) (06/19/15)(1.0 hour)

Effective Discipline in Developmental Stages(CC) (11/15) (0.75 hours)

From Resistance to Resilience (CC) (05/14/20) (0.5 hours)

Interventions for Challenging Behavior (CC) (09/02/16) (1.5 hours)

Managing Children's Emotions & Behaviors (CC) (04/13/21) (0.25 hours)

Overview of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)(CC)(04/15) (0.5 hours)

Practical Strategies for Connecting with and Managing Behaviors of Children Impacted by Trauma (CC) (06/17/17)(1.5 hours)

Power Struggles (03/30/22) (0.5 hours)

Regulation for Preservation (CC) (04/13/21) (0.25 hours)

Regulation for Protection (CC) (11/14/20)(1.5 hours)

Sensory Systems and Solutions (CC)(02/28/19) (0.25 hours)

Stressless With Defiance: Oppositional Defiant Students (CC) (03/07/20) (2.0 hours)

Taking the Blame Off Kids: Understanding Systems and the Ecological Model (07/15/21) (CC) (0.5 Hour)

The Developmental Web: A Perspective on Learning and Behavior Problems (CC)(06/11/15) (1.0 hour)

The "WHY" of Behavior (CC)(02/28/19) (0.25 hours)

Transitioning for Success (CC) (04/13/21) (0.25 hours)

Understanding Autism: Acquiring Information to Create a Safe and Supporting Home (CC) (06/29/18) (1 hour)

Understanding & Supporting Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (CC) (04/13/21) (0.25 hours)

8 Human Desires (CC) (10/28/17) (1.0 hour)

5 Star Parenting Toolkit (CC) (11/1/2016) (2.0 hours)

Ages of Grief (CC) (06/28/18) (1.0 hour)

Caring for a Child with ADHD (11/11/22) (1.0 hour)

Communication: Low-tech Tools Embedded into Everyday Opportunities (CC) (04/11/23) (1.0 hour)

Creating Boundaries (CC) (11/29/18) (1.0 hour)

Engaging Dads (CC) (09/09/20) (1.0 hour)

Healthy Relationships (CC) (03/16/21) (1.5 hours)

Healthy Boundaries for Kids With Electronics (CC) (04/17/19) (0.5 hours)

Helping Children with Grief and Loss (CC) (03/16/17) (1.5 hours)

How To Develop Emotional Resilience (CC) (05/08/17) (1.0 hour)

LifeBook Training (CC) (04/29/2021) (1.0 hour)

Parenting from the Trenches (CC) (01/28/16) (2.5 hours)

Permanency is Not a Place: Transitioning into & Navigating Adult Relationship (CC) (01/26/18) (1.0 hour)

Positive Time Out: A Concept of Positive Discipline (CC) (11/01/16) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Rising Above Resistance: Engaging Defiance in Youth & Families (CC) (12/17/19) (1 hour)

Summer is Over: A Parent's Guide to Surviving Back to School (09/08/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Teaching Social Skills: The Ins, The Outs, The Ups, The Downs (12/22/22) (1.0 hour)

The Effects of Multiple Placements (CC) (05/15/18) (2.0 hours)

The Impact of Fostering and Adoption on Birth Children (CC) (06/29/18) (1.5 hours)

This is Not What I Expected: Reducing Parental Stress (CC) (04/26/17) (0.5 hours)

Time Management for Foster Parents (CC) (07/30/15) (1.0 hour)

Understanding the Impact of Sexual Values on Children in Care (CC) (06/16/17) (1.0 hour)

Using Logical Consequences For Your Children (CC) (05/26/17) (1.0 hour)

Well-Becoming: Developing Well-Being in the Context of Relationships (CC) (01/25/18) (0.5 hours)

Teens and Technology: What to do when Technology is in Control? (04/04/22) (CC) (1.0 hour)

A Discussion on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Child Welfare (CC) (06/01/20) (0.5 hours)

Adolescent Development & Mental Health (CC) (04/14/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Alternatives to Medicine for Mental Health (CC) (06/11/16) (1.5 hours)

Antecedent Based Interventions (ABI): Yes!! Please! (04/11/23) (0.5 hours)

Autism 101 (CC) (08/17/22) (0.5 hours)

Autism and Co-Occurring Disorders (11/28/22) (1.0 hours)

Autism Spectrum Disorder for Child Welfare Professionals (10/29/20) (CC) (1.5 hours)

Basic Information on Over-the-Counter and Prescribed Medications (CC) (08/17/22) (0.5 hours)

Blood Borne Pathogens: Universal Precautions for You and the Children in Your Care (CC) (06/15) (1.5 hours)

Caring for a Child with a Tracheostomy (CC) (06/17/22) (0.5 hours)

Caring for a Child with Tube Feedings (CC) (06/17/22) (0.5 hours)

Diabetes Type 1: Diagnosis Specific Education (CC)  (03/03/22) (0.5 hours)

Eating Disorders: The Latest Information You Need to Know (CC) (06/19/15) (1.0 hour)

Explaining Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) (CC) (06/22/20) (0.5 hours)

Factitious Disorder Imposed Upon Another(CC) (08/17/16) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Genetics 101 and Genetic Testing (CC) (03/15) (0.5 hours)

Hearing Device Care (08/17/2022) (0.5 Hour)

Identifying Anxiety Disorders in Child Welfare (CC) (06/08/20) (0.5 hours)

Meeting “Their” Needs so “Our” Kids Can Go Home (CC)  (09/03/20) (1.0 hour)

My Lice Story (CC) (07/13/17) (1.5 hours)

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Substance Exposed Infants (CC) (03/03/22) (0.5 hours)

Parenting a Child with Food Allergies (CC) (03/03/22) (0.5 hours)

Parenting Children and Youth on the Autism Spectrum (CC) (4/19/18) (1.0 hour)

Pediatric Skin Problems (CC) (05/12/15) (1.0 hour)

Protecting Your Child's Oral Health - Parents, It's Up To You! (CC) (10/15) (1.0 hour)

Psychotropic Medication eLearning Module (CALSWEC link)

Psychotropic Medications 201: In-Depth Psychopharmocology for Those in the Child Welfare System (CC) (09/03/2020) (1.5 Hours)

Questions regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (06/29/20) (0.5 hours)

Rules for Optimal Health(12/11/17) (1.0 hour)

Supporting Autism Spectrum Disorder Children through Puberty (12/20/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Abusive Head Trauma in Infants and Children (11/17/16) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Simple Coping Skills for Kids! (04/13/2022) (1.0 Hour)

SKY Child and Adolescent Nutrition and Wellness (CC) (03/07/2022) (0.5 hours)

Sleep's Impact on Function (04/14/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Sexual and Reproductive Well-being for Youth in Foster Care - Duties and Responsibilities (08/31/20) (CC) (0.25 hours)

Sexual and Reproductive Well-being for Youth in Foster Homes - Youth Rights (02/23/21) (CC) (0.5 hour)

Sexual and Reproductive Wellness for Youth in Foster Care: Engaging with Youth about Sexual Wellness (03/09/21) (CC) (0.5 hours)

Sexual and Reproductive Wellness for Youth in Foster Care: Finding Resources, Safer Sex, and Contraception Methods (03/09/21) (CC) (0.5 hours)

Silent Suffering: Responding to Self-Harm in Foster Care (09/02/20) (1.0 hours)

Supporting Substance-Exposed Children (08/11/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Tools for Maintaining African American Hair (CC)(10/25/21) (0.5 hours)

Understanding Tourette Syndrome in Children(07/16/17) (1.0 hour)

Understanding Trauma Related Disorders (06/15/20) (0.5 hours)

What Foster Parents Need to Know About Asthma(07/15) (1.5 hours)

Understanding Autism (04/04/22) (CC) (1.0 hour)

#TalkWithTeens (CC)(10/15/20) (1.0 hours)

Advancing Developmentally Appropriate Child Welfare Practice (05/28/20) (1.5 hours)

The Art of Parenting Teens(03/12/15) (1.5 hours)

Caring for Teens in Foster Care(01/25/16) (2.5 hours)

Count Me In - To Be Inspired: Relationships/Partnerships Needed to Work with Teens (CC) (12/13/19) (1.0 Hours)

Count Me In - To Be Inspired: Through the Eyes of a Foster Youth Alumni (12/13/19) (0.5 Hours)

Count Me In - To Be Inspired: Working with Teens - Dispel the Myth (12/13/19) (0.5 Hours)

Creating Permanency for Youth (11/10/21) (CC) (1.5 hours)

Education Rights for Foster Youth (CC) (10/13/16) (1.0 hour)

Financial Safety: Protecting Youth From Frauds and Scams (04/15/19) (0.5 hours)

Fostering Teens: The Good, The Bad, The Reward (CC) (06/17/17) (1.0 hour)

How Foster Parents Can Teach Independent Living Skills - Building a Healthy, Wealthy Future (06/22/15) (1.0 hour)

How to Get The Job, Keep The Job (CC) (04/05/2021) (0.5 hours)

Healthy Boundaries in Sexual and Intimate Partner Relationships (06/04/2020) (0.5 Hour)

Implementing Trauma-Sensitive Practice with Adolescents in Foster Care in Times of Crisis (05/27/20) (1.5 Hour)

Keeping Youth TECHnically Connected (04/14/20) (1.0 Hour)

Money Moves - Financial Literacy for Foster Youth (CC) (05/18/22) (1.0 hour)

Nurturing Adolescent Development: A Trauma-Sensitive, Resilience-Building Strategy (05/01/19) (3.0 hours)

Sleep in Teens: What Parents and Guardians Need to Know (07/18/17) (1.0 hours)

Teens and Self-Harm (09/07/18) (1.0 hour)

Understanding the Teen Brain and Engaging Youth in Planning their Own Future (1/26/18) (1.0 hour)

Welcoming Youth (11/10/22) (1.0 hour)

Your Future, Your Finances(04/19/17) (1.0 hour)

QPI National Conference: Partnering to Prioritize Relationships (CC) (05/25/21) (1.0 hours)

2021 QPI National Conference: Connection as Intervention: Supporting Development & Healing Trauma (CC)(05/24/21) (1.0 hour)

2021 QPI National Conference: Kin-First Systems and QPI (CC) (05/25/21) (1.0 hour)

2021 QPI National Conference: Through Their Eyes (CC) (05/25/21) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

2021 QPI National Conference: Case Management Connections to Quality Parenting (CC) (05/16/21) (1.0 hour)

2021 QPI National Conference: Quality Parenting Outreach: Using Technology to Transform Foster Care (CC) (05/26/21) (note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

2021 QPI National Conference: Reflective Practice for Building Relationship-Based Systems (05/26/21) (CC) (1.0 hours)

2021 QPI National Conference: Recruitment, Support and Retention Through a QPI Lens (CC) (05/27/21) (1.0 hours)

Accessing Mental Health Service for Children in Foster Care (02/10/17) (1.5 hours)

Assertion and Advocacy(05/05/17) (1.0 hour)

Culture Clash: Bringing the Perspective of Child Development to Social Services and Family Court (01/17/18) (1.0 hour)

Developing Respectful Partnerships through Customer Service (03/27/19) (1.0 hour)

Disruption: Prevention and Intervention(06/28/18) (1.0 hour)

Foster Child is Not a Defining Title: My Attitude Overcomes (06/14/18) (1.0 hour)

Fostering and the Courts: What Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers Need to Know about California's Dependency Court Process (12/15/16) (1.5 hours)

ICPC 101 for Case Managers (04/05/19) (1.5 hours)

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: What Caregivers Need to Know? (02/15/19) (1.5 hours)

Normalcy for Youth in Foster Care (05/22/18) (1.0 hour)

Peer Mentors in Child Welfare: A Promising Practice Toward Reunification (07/16) (1.5 hours)

Personal Rights of Foster Youth — Office of the Foster Care Ombudsperson (04/28/17) (1.0 hour)

Privacy for Youth in Foster Care: Engaging and Empowering Youth in Information Sharing and Protecting Privacy (06/05/18) (1.0 hour)

Social Media and the Foster Care System: Information Sharing in the Age of Social Media (06/12/18) (1.0 hour)

Sonoma Caregivers and the Courts: What Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers Need to Know about the Dependency Court Process (01/18/17) (Sonoma County Only - 2.0 hours)

Strategic Storytelling (06/30/18) (1.0 hour)

The Importance of Stable Placements for Children (06/27/19) (1.0 hour)

The Partnership Plan & Quality Parenting: Values that Support Excellent Parenting and Help Children Thrive (02/27/19) (1.0 hour)

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Sexual Exploitation: Toxic Stress May Increase Vulnerabilities (09/03/20) (1.0 hours)

Caring for Children from Hard Places (CC) (06/11/16) (1.0 hour)

Children and Trauma: Effective Strategies for Healing and Resiliency (09/02/20) (1.0 hours)

Communicating Through the Trauma (05/08/17) (1.0 hour)

FURS Overview Training (CC) (04/08/21) (1.0 hour)

Heart to Heart: Caregiver and Child Connections in Times of Challenge (04/21/20) (1.5 hours)

House of Horrors: How the Tactics of Batterers Harm Children and the Ways We Can Help (09/01/20) (1.0 hour)

Is Compassion Really Fatiguing? The CE-CERT Model for Secondary Trauma (09/01/20) (1.0 hour)

Providing Support to Youth Who Have Experienced Toxic Stress (11/29/21) (CC) (0.5 hours)

Protective Factors...ACEs Antidote (04/14/2022) (1.0 Hour)

Self-Care for Foster Parents: Healing When Helping Hurts (02/01/23) (1.5 hours)

Self Care: Not a Luxury, but a Necessity (CC)(03/15/21) (1.0 hour)

Self-Care for Foster Parents (CC) (04/23/18) (0.5 hours)

STRTPs as Part of an Integrated Trauma-Informed System (CC) (08/09/22) (0.5 hours)

The Repressed Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Addiction, Disease, and Premature Death: In My Beginning Is My End (CC) (04/03/19) (1.5 hours)

The Trauma Cycle: How You Can Help Children and Families (CC) (07/16/21) (1.5 hours)

The Trauma Informed Classroom: Using Emotional Regulatory Healing in the School (CC) (06/29/18) (1.5 hours)

Trauma - Helping Children with Trauma Histories (11/01/19) (1.0 hour)

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